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Hi, thank you for stopping by my website! 

I am “All IN” Real Estate & Philanthropy. I have studied Commercial Real Estate since a child and love it – development, construction, appraisal, sales & investment. 

I spent many years & long hours working diligently for large scale commercial building companies where I was mentored & grew to be a key executive – Molasky Companies, The Penta Building Group, Kitchell, & Skanska. 

Today, I am the President of ABG Builders, an award winning general contractor and real estate development firm celebrating our 11th year in business. Our team has completed hundreds of millions in real estate projects including new hotels, restaurants, retail, gaming, hospitality, and medical construction projects. We are building Multi-Family (apartments) Real Estate also to meet the growing need for quality housing in America & to provide a great return on investment to our investors.

 I spent the early part of my childhood in an agricultural environment driving tractors, rearing animals and farming the land. I grew up doing auctions since the age of 9 and studied under a graduate of the Nashville Auction School because I was too young to go myself. As an adult, I go to auction schools and seminars annually as a member of the National Auctioneers Assn. & participate in auctioneering contests.

I have achieved international recognition with my auction talent and public speaking; and, having a true calling to assist others, I have been blessed to help raise tens of millions for non-profits.  I speak to thousands of people annually about Philanthropy and helping others. 

It is an honor to build many real estate projects and conduct many fundraisers, yet it feels like I am just getting started! I have a philosophy of “paying it forward” and investing in our world. 

This website highlights resources available to you through the companies I have founded. Each company is certainly separate with its own employees, teams, experts, and talent that is here to serve you. 

Each company has two missions that stem from my core values:  to serve our clients with unparalleled excellence and to invest in the betterment of our community. I want to see others succeed. I truly believe we can change the world for the better by making daily differences for good in the lives of others. I challenge you to invest your time, talent and treasure in those around you – it will make your life amazing.

Additionally, I have authored a couple of books and have three being released over the next 12 months. I believe in the power of mentors, and books are a great way to reach others. I am an avid reader and student of my various interests, and wish to share my visions, education and experiences with others.

Fitness is important to leading a full life. While I do not own the fitness studios I recommend, I have links to the fitness studios that have made a big difference in my life. The founder of Inferno Hot Pilates has opened affiliated studios all over the world, so please look for one in your area.You’ll be glad you did.

I am a real estate developer, the president of a commercial general contracting organization, a true builder, a philanthropist, a coach, an author, a public speaker, a fitness enthusiast, a tv personality and much more; and I am blessed to be able to share these resources with you that I have spent a lifetime learning, establishing, and sharing with our community.

You can read my full bio, here.

Again, thanks for stopping by and let me know how one of my teams can serve you! Join me today.

Think Big, Give Bigger, Do More,

Your friend,

Jeffrey Michael Manning


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